Asphalt Rejuvenation

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4 Year Performance Warranty

Traditional seal coats merely coat the surface and do nothing to repair or protect the asphalt below the surface. Two coats are usually needed for the best results. A single application of asphalt rejuvenator penetrates the pavement and rejuvenates the asphalt binder well below the surface. It also seals and protects the pavement against water, sunlight and chemical contaminants, extending the life cycle and curb appeal of your asphalt assets.

What is Asphalt Rejuvenation?

To put it simply, it’s our special asphalt product that will get the job done right the first time with just a single application unlike most other pavers that require two applications. We believe in our asphalt rejuvenation service so much that we provide a 4 year performance warranty.

It's Better than Traditional Asphalt Products

Only Requires a Single Application

4 Year Performance Warranty

At Driveway Maintenance LLC we use the world’s leading asphalt rejuvenator. It is a proprietary product made from coal tar, aromatic oils, and specialty solvents. It contains no water. The solvents and oils enable Asphalt Rejuvenator to penetrate the surface of asphalt restoring the binder’s composition. Unlike conventional seal coats, Asphalt Rejuvenator makes the asphalt more flexible and less prone to cracking. Asphalt Rejuvenator has been tested for performance claims more than any other rejuvenator on the market. This includes the Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S. Department of Defense, the Canadian Army Forces, and various state DOT agencies. Asphalt rejuvenator has restored over 5,000,000 square yards of asphalt throughout the United States and is the leading Rejuvenator used on airfields around the world. It’s real science and it works!

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4 Year Warranty

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