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Is your driveway muddy? Are you tracking dirt into the house? These are just a few of the problems that can arise during the springs months. Choosing an asphalt surface for your driveway is practical, yet inexpensive. We are fully independent, crushing our own aggregate, and manufacturing our own asphalt. Asphalt Paving can be divided into two categories, new paving and resurfacing as described below.

New Paving


New Paving

New Paving is the building of new asphalt surfaces. First, excavation and grading of the area is done to establish the desired grade and drainage. Then a base of aggregate is placed and compacted. Finally, a specifically designed asphalt hot mix is applied to present a finished surface based on the customer’s needs. Also under this category would be Removal and Replacement of existing asphalt. If the asphalt has deteriorated from a lack of maintenance, overuse, or simply living past its life expectancy. In this case, old asphalt pavement will need to be removed and replaced. If needed, this would be when more base stone or base hot mix could be added before applying a new layer of surface asphalt.


When an asphalt pavement surface deteriorates to the point of needing repair, an asphalt resurfacing is an effective solution. A standard asphalt resurfacing consists of a new layer of surface asphalt applied over the existing asphalt surface. The thickness of the new surface is determined by the amount of traffic as well as individual customer’s needs. The existing asphalt surface may need to be patched before the resurfacing to fix any area that needs replaced.

Asphalt Driveway Pavement Work

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