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Recently, the Town of Camden contracted with Driveway Maintenance to rejuvenate their parking lot and then re-stripe the lot and re-paint our curbing. The job is now complete; I continue to get compliments from town residents, the Mayor and Council, and others that stop by to conduct business with the town. The Town is extremely happy with the finished project. Moreover, we recommend Driveway Maintenance LLC to any entity that has a similar pending project. We would not hesitate to use them in the future.

L. Aaron Chaffinch
Town Manager

Asphalt Rejuvenation is a process that helps in restoring chemical properties that have fallen apart since the asphalt was first laid down. Here at Driveway Maintenace LLC., we offer Asphalt Rejuvenation services to clients in Camden, Delaware.

Professional and Reliable

New asphalt pavement is black in color and flexible. Once asphalt is placed, the sun’s ultra-violet rays accelerate the oxidation of the asphalt binder. One to three years later, the pavement continues to harden. Loose sand and gravel on the surface are soon detected and this is the beginning of the pavement deterioration.

A more cost-effective approach would be asphalt rejuvenator, which penetrates the asphalt below the surface. This also protects and seals against water and air that may get in. If you are in need of asphalt rejuvenation services in Camden, Delaware, we can help!

Restore Ductility

Improves Visability

Seals Air and Water

Restores Balance of Asphalt Components

Extends the Life of Asphalt

And Much More

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